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Maria with a puppet

Online Seminar | Maria Schejbal-Cytawa

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In this online seminar series, we’ll hear from Community Theatre practitioners from around the world. Every town, every country, and every continent has a unique way of working – what lessons can we learn from across our borders? Through sharing stories, strategies, and successes we hope that this free seminar series enriches your own practice.

Join us on Wednesday 1st May, 1pm – 2.00pm for the second seminar, where Maria Schejbal-Cytawa of Teatr Grodzki (Town Theatre) in Bielsko-Biała, Poland will introduce us to her practice.

Teatr Grodzki (In their own words)

The Bielsko Artistic Association “Grodzki Theater” was established in 1999. It brings together trainers, artists, educators and cultural animators working for groups at risk of social exclusion, with limited access to the world of culture and art – children, youth, adults and the elderly. They include, among others: physically and mentally disabled people, young people with educational problems and from dysfunctional environments, addicts, pupils of orphanages and social rehabilitation and care facilities.

Maria Schejbal-Cytawa (In her own words)

I’ve been running theatre/puppetry workshops since 1996, following my master Peter Schumann – the creator of Bread and Puppet Theatre.

At first, I worked with young people recovering from addiction, and also with teachers, experimenting with non-verbal/visual narration and creative use of self-made puppets and ordinary objects. Then I was running workshops for disabled people of all ages and especially for deaf persons. I like to call this activity a “socially-oriented theatre”.

In 2014, I launched my own training program under the title “Puppets in Action” during a one-week workshop for educators in Turkey. It consists of three main parts: teaching the participants how to make a theatrical puppet using just paper and string, experimenting with different kinds of animation – bringing puppets to life, and telling personal stories with no words – creating puppet shows.

Since the above training program proved to be successful as an attractive and engaging education & therapy method, I’ve been developing and testing it with different groups of artists, educators, therapists and social workers all over Europe for last few years. I am currently using it in two European projects that I would like to present at this seminar: “DIVA – Diversity, Inclusion, Visibility in Arts” and “Dream Theatre – Social inclusion and new learning opportunities in drama therapy

For some speakers in this series, English is a second language. We ask attendees to bear in mind that different cultures have different accepted terminology, and to be generous with this translation divide.

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Important Details

Date: Wednesday 1st May

Time: 1pm – 2.00pm

Prior to the event, you will be sent the Zoom link via email, and information regarding joining the meeting.

Maria will begin the session by guiding us in making a paper doll’s head. If you’d like to make your own, please have to hand:
– a sheet of grey paper
– an old newspaper
– something to tie it with – e.g string, ribbon, thick thread


This event will be live on Zoom, and we will enable closed captions.

If you have any specific access needs that you would like to discuss with us, such as a request for audio descriptions, or a request for a recording of the zoom, please contact Rosa at and we will work to support your requirements as best we can.

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