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Help us to continue creating new plays that platform real people and real stories. We’re a registered charity, and we rely on the generous support of donors to continue our important work year on year.

“I really like to be part of this group because it’s very social and helping me get confidence. Also helping me get friendship so I feel much less alone. It’s open for any creativity and you can share your view.”

– Member of Cornerstone Theatre Group

We always welcome additional donations for our wide ranging community creative work. Please help us continue our work so that we can continue to combat loneliness through creativity.

“My confidence has grown so much, when I first started I was so nervous, but I was accepted straight away and with the encouragement acta gives, I have been able to find the confidence to perform in plays and have found my love for acting growing and growing”

– Member of Phoenix Theatre

A stage with a pub in it, numerous actors on stage holding up drinks in a celebratory fashion