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Environmental impact

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We are committed to reducing our carbon impact, and have set ourselves ambitious targets to achieve carbon neutrality as an organisation by 2030.

Our Environmental Policy recognises our responsibility to place the climate crisis at the heart of our work, and our belief that theatre can also lead positive change across our communities.

We are particularly committed to improving our local environment and communicating with local people about how we can raise awareness, develop understanding and work together to make improvements, an example being our commitment to the maintenance and evolution of our community garden.

We will raise awareness and understanding of our environmental commitments through clear communications with staff and users of the building.

Community-owned energy on our rooftop

Aerial shot of our building showing the solar panels on our roof

In 2016, Bristol Energy Cooperative installed eighty four solar panels on our roof. Community energy is very aligned with our organisation values – with the help of Bristol Energy Cooperative we have been able to produce our own energy that helps us save money (around £800 per year) but also feeds into the grid, helping to support others.

Bristol Energy Cooperative is responsible for the equivalent of 33% of Bristol’s solar energy generation.