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In 2022/2023, we ran Elevate, a professional development scheme for ten practitioners who faced barriers and challenges to pursuing a career in theatre due to a number of different circumstances, whether that was down to social or familial barriers, or health and wellbeing challenges.

This friendly and supportive group met together not only to take part in workshops, seminars and events delivered by acta, but also as a peer-support group, helping each other through the challenges that they faced.

The scheme consisted of 8 sessions in 4 main areas of training & development:

  • Creative facilitation
  • acta Methodology
  • Engaging communities
  • Social Enterprise

Alongside the main cohort, we also opened individual workshops for all to book on to.

Elevate came along at just the right time for me, when I wanted to re-engage with the performance arts community.

Elevate met a need for peer-connection and collaboration. The programme served as a reminder of the benefits and power of creative activities informed by participants and communities.

The workshops, exercises, and the engagement with like-minded individuals has boosted my confidence to continue to develop a programme of explorative workshops for personal and professional development. The Elevate programme has served to re-balance, refresh, re-invigorate and re-connect my creative community arts practice.

A member of the Elevate 2022/23 cohort

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