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Five people sit at a big table, using lego bricks to help communicate their ideas


Pathway is a group that uses engaging and practical creative techniques to help members achieve their goals, by mapping journeys for them to follow to education, volunteering and employment. Using creative visioning techniques, the group was led in various activities that help them to think differently about their options and help them to discover alternative pathways to success. The group supported one another in their goals, and the facilitators help signpost towards other assistance, such as funding pots or setting up networking meetings.

There was no performing element to the group, and the outcomes were often individual and decided by the group itself. Successes included group members gaining employment, commencing training, and even developing a sustainable fashion show.

Pathway was funded by The West of England Combined Authority as part of the wider Community Support Fund.

The group is not currently meeting, but if you think this work would benefit you please email