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Three people work collaboratively on small bits of paper

Bedminster Poetry Group

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Starting in May 2023, Bedminster Poetry Group is a series of twelve sessions for new and experienced poetry writers to try new ways of creating work and a space to share it. You’re welcome to join us for all twelve or just pop in when you can. Bedminster Poetry Group will be a testing ground for new ideas – we’re aiming to build a safe space for you to explore creatively. 

The sessions begin on 3rd May at 11am, and run each week thereafter. 
To find out more and register please fill out the form below or call us on 0117 953 2448

3rd May, 10th May, 17th May: Introduction to poetry, how to spark creativity
24th May, 31st May, 7th June: Turning ideas into poems
14th June, 21st June, 28th June: Editing poems
5th July, 12th July, 19th July: Performing poems

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