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A composite image, on the left hand side is an image of Mohand and Peter, on the right is an image from Crown

Platforma 2023: Counterpoints

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The Platforma festival is produced by Counterpoints Arts every two years in a different part of England, in partnership with a range of organisations, artists and venues across many different art forms. This year, Platforma takes place in the South West and acta are delighted to host two brilliant events. 

Mohand & Peter

21st October, 2pm and 7pm

PSYCHEdelight Theatre and Sole Purpose Productions present a wonderful work of storytelling and physical theatre. With humour and visual poetry, Mohand and Peter will take you on a road trip through Sudan jumping from one character to another, including Omar Al Bashir, Mohand’s 450 cousins, and a lazy camel.

Mohand and Peter bounce on one of the toughest international news stories of the decade and as two brave clowns, they fight horror with laughter to build a magnificent pedestal for Mohand’s country.

Two men sit on top of a wooden box labelled 'Memory Box', smiling. They are both wearing white robes
Book to see Mohand & Peter here

CROWN//تاج BY Company Scheherazade

CROWN//تاج is the UK’s first touring production by Company Scheherazade combining classical Persian dance, contemporary dance, and Sufi movement to tell a story of displacement, identity, and body sovereignty to an original soundtrack of live classical music and electronica.

Using Persian miniatures, lived experience and the poetry of Forough Farrokhzad, the 3 lead dancers take the audience on a journey from determination through struggle to release. Finding courage, resilience, and joy along the way.

A dancer stands up, with one arm in the air, her back arched and she is looking directly upright.
Book to see Crown//تاج here