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Welcome to the Hippodrome, with the compliments of Pick N Mix Theatre joined by Bedminster Communtiy Choir come along and revisit the Bedminster Hippdrome a new rip-roaring show never before performed. A nostalglic and musical ode to a Bedminster past, a people's history of work and play

Welcome To The Hippodrome

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28th September 2023 to 30th September 2023

Step back in time and discover the long-lost Bedminster Hippodrome, a treasured local music hall. Immerse yourself in the rambunctious and vibrant world of this historical venue and witness the heart-warming stories of the people who frequented it.

After a long day of hard work in the tobacco and paper bag factories, they gathered at the Hippodrome to sing and dance their worries away. Join Pick N Mix Theatre as they pay homage to the beloved venue that once stood proudly on East Street.

Accompanied by The Bedminster Community Choir, this play is a nostalgic journey through time that celebrates the power of community and the enduring spirit of a good old British knees-up.

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Welcome to the Hippodrome is made possible thanks to the generous support of Historic England