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Current Productions

Painting of a campfire in the woods, with a cat, a bear, and a dog encircling it

Wild Camping

10th July 2023 to 11th July 2023

Join Thriving Theatre for a heart-warming and witty theatrical adventure as they take you Wild Camping. When a group of co-workers are forced to spend a weekend in the great outdoors, they quickly realise that they are in for more than just team building group exercises. As the weekend unfolds, tensions rise and personalities clash. …

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Previous Productions


Don’t Get Vexed

14th May 2023

It is a beautiful, clear morning in the sleepy village of Littletown. The townspeople are living in peaceful harmony, right up until a discovery shakes the very foundations of Littletown. Join the inhabitants as they try to fix modern issues by turning to the past; uncovering the hidden histories of Littletown (or should we say, …

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Getting Home

27th March 2023 to 29th March 2023

A mysterious incident brings travel chaos to the airport – all flights are grounded but nobody knows why. The stranded passengers need to leave quickly, and must work together to eventually find their way home and to their loved ones. Pack your bags and let Cornerstone Theatre take you on a journey: by wheel, by …

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Silent Heroines Disco

8th March 2023 to 10th March 2023

Following the 2021 success of Silent Heroines – we are back for 2023! Continuing as an immersive theatre show using audio headsets – delving into the untold real-life stories of an all-woman, Bristol-based cast. Laughter and tears, puberty and menopause, struggles and successes. A range of local Bristol women from different generations and cultures come …

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A papercut of a christmas village, surrounding a christmas tree, inside a snow globe mounted on a book

The Book of You

10th December 2022 to 13th December 2022

Step into a magical wonderland conjured up by Phoenix Theatre this Christmas. Sisters, Rose and Thistle, inadvertently unleash the magical powers of a mysterious book that amplifies your personality. As the book is passed amongst the usually friendly villagers, huge rifts develop and the community becomes fractured. With the help of the local baker, a …

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Comic illustration of man wearing a suit bound an gagged in a wardrobe


27th October 2022

The planet is dying, people are being cruel to animals, war is ongoing, poverty and hunger are still rife – there’s only one thing left to do. Let’s kidnap the Prime Minister. Join acta’s Young Carers for an evening of putting the world to rights… whatever it may take! Age guidance: 5+ This performance will …

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A collaged image of a tree seen through a brick wall with an arch and an open gate

When You’re Gone

10th October 2022 to 14th October 2022

Death. It’s the only certainty there is in life – but when did you last talk about it? acta Company invite you for an evening of reflection as they present ‘When You’re Gone’: an exploration of life, death, love, and grief. We’ll meet a cast of characters who are all affected by death. We hope …

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Old Brooms Know The Corners

7th September 2022 to 12th September 2022

Leonie is a typical British teenager, testing the boundaries and not worrying about the consequences – that is until she’s sent to live with her Grandma in the Caribbean. As her Grandma and the local aunties teach her to fall in line, they share stories from their own childhood, and lessons they’ve learnt along the …

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Fixing Things

4th July 2022 to 7th July 2022

Join Pick n Mix Theatre for a moving and hilarious collection of stories told through an assortment of broken items. Inspired by the British comic tradition, Fixing Things will leave you in stitches. Set in a repair shop run by three friends, we are introduced to a cast of characters via their various broken belongings …

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Safe as Houses

23rd May 2022 to 24th May 2022

There are many residents of Eldur House, although it doesn’t look like that from the outside. They all agree the conditions are awful—but when home feels so hostile, how do you find the energy to fight for safe housing? Cornerstone Theatre Group present Safe as Houses: a tale of profit being put before people and …

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What If?

26th March 2022

Two groups from Lockleaze Youth Theatre will each present a performance on this special evening, What If? School years 7-9 envision a world two years after an asteroid has hit our planet— where the humans are the bottom of the food chain and the animals rule. Will life ever be the same again? School years …

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