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Status: ◉ WANG |  Content report
Digital illustration of four young people high-fiving

What is a Youth Advisory Board? A group of young people who work together to help an organisation make informed decisions is known as a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). It gives young people a forum to discuss topics that are important to them and to formulate ideas in a targeted group structure on how an …

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A collaged image of a question mark and a pen, atop a blood splat made from book paper.

Our Young Carers Youth Theatre have been meeting online to create the play The Mystery Writer and have devised and rehearsed the show here at acta Theatre in just three days. An author sets herself the challenge of writing a murder mystery. She has fun deciding on its setting and plot, but the characters sometimes …

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If you’re aged 12 – 17, then acta wants to hear from you! Come and join us, whether it’s your first time doing drama, or you want to expand your skills and express your creativity. Help devise, write, and act in a show that will be performed on East Street in July No auditions, totally …

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The planet is dying, people are being cruel to animals, war is ongoing, poverty and hunger are still rife – there’s only one thing left to do. Let’s kidnap the Prime Minister. Join acta’s Young Carers for an evening of putting the world to rights… whatever it may take!