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verb [ /fɔː(r)dʒ/ ]
To create (something) strong, enduring, and successful.

Forge is a two-year theatre training programme led by women, for women. Over two years we are introducing young women to a range of theatre skills, and then helping them specialise in either production or theatre-making.

What will people gain?

  • Increased confidence
  • Clearer goals
  • New skills
  • Increased employability
  • Greater understanding of the theatre sector
  • New connections and networks

acta has engaged fifteen people aged 15-25 who identify as a woman or as a girl and face barriers to being involved in theatre. This free programme required no previous experience, and was free to attend thanks to generous support from The Ragdoll Foundation.

The most amazing opportunity – thank you!

Forge 22/23 participant
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