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Community Consultation

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As a Community Theatre, the needs of the public are at the heart of our work. It’s important that our work is relevant and the best way for us to do this is by being guided by you.

We’ve compiled a few questions and hope you can take the time to answer, as below. This will be a vital tool for us to understand not only the challenges you’re facing, but also to identify opportunities so we are able to support the communities we work with.

We hope this consultation will provide acta with invaluable insights into the pressing matters affecting your daily lives. Whether it’s concerns related to infrastructure, public services, the environment, identity, or any other aspect of community life, we want to hear about them.

Community Consultation

We'd like to hear from you about how we can best serve our communities

We'd like to know about the matters that are currently impacting your life and your community
Looking ahead, is there anything on the horizon that you believe might impact you and your community?
Please let us know how we could serve you in the next few years
What themes could we address in our creative work?
What do you think would be an effective way for us to communicate with the local community?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.